It’s pronounced “Vah-kee-nay”. It is the name of the wider province that encompasses the area surrounding Amandrill.

The area surrounding Vagina is flat and smooth plains, except for a dense forest to the north. Amandrill lies on the eastern side of this forest. Poorly maintained roads connect this village and other rural communities (such as Ereczion) to the major city of note in Greater Vagina: Qlidourriz. Qlidourriz is a bustling metropolis, often referred to as the nerve center of Vagina proper, the hub through which everything of note must travel. The main imperial government of Vagina resides in uptown Qlidourriz, and the High Wizards Council meets there. Their presence, the grandeur of their court, and the vast amounts of traders from adjacent provinces that travel through Qlidourriz make it by far the most important place to visit in Vagina.

Qlidourriz, sadly, doesn’t receive as much attention from adventurers as Vagina’s overseers would like. Much of the time, adventurers come to this well-traveled area to frolic in the deep swamps of the mainland, which are fraught with danger; occasionally, a visitor to Vagina will travel too deep, and never emerge. These deep swamps are rich with valuable vapors and fluids, and traders will often engage in unethical or deceptive diplomatic tactics to secure rights from the High Wizard’s Council to operate deep in the most sacred depths of Vagina.

At the southern end of Vagina, the paradise of Fourchette can be found. Not much is widely known about Fourchette, except that it marks the end of the protectorate of the government of Vagina, and that it definitely exists.


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