stone temple

“The Stone Temple” is the name that the Avengers gave to the dungeon that they encountered West of Amandrill.

They fought goblins and possessed evil lemurs outside of the back entrance, and proceeded inside to the kitchen, then making their way to the entranceway. In the entranceway, they located a door to a storage room.

In the storage room, the Avengers were surprised to see a series of cages filled with over 9000 dragonlings. There was also what appeared to be a live woman’s upper torso propped up in a metal vat filled with dragonling venom. [[Niv-Midget]] was able to communicate telepathically with the imprisoned dragonlings, and drew a picture of a [[half-dragon parchment mage]] with a fiery essence stone, and his shadow mastiff companion. The picture indicated that the half-dragon possessed a key of notable importance.

The adventurers came upon a goblins’ barracks room, where they executed brilliant coup de grace maneuvers upon defenseless sleeping goblins. They fought off the oncoming hobgoblin soldier patrol. Then, they prevailed in battle against a pair of levitating sculptures of furiously revolving concentric circles and arcs. They avoided a series of flam fusillade traps, but then entered a trap room and found themselves being pushed into a pit by an advancing wall. The pit was filled with giant spiders and scorpions. The Avengers barely survived the vicious onslaught.

The secret passage that they found leading out of the pit trap led them into a room with a giant curtain covering an enchanted quicksilver mirror. A tiefling forcemage entered suddenly, speaking with a red cloaked woman about shipments and payment. The woman disappeared quickly in a puff of smoke, but the tiefling rushed to pull open the curtain. When the curtain was opened, the Avengers were attacked by a quicksilver golem, who assumed their shape and secured combat advantage easily by flanking them between its projection and their reflections. The intrepid Avengers only emerged victorious once they realized the source of its power was the mirror itself, and Hesh shattered it in a furious critical strike, swinging his sword over his head while leaping through the air.

stone temple

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