Leeroy was a Ranger who lived in the forest where the adventurers encountered their first goblins and dragonlings. Leeroy initially attacked the team, screaming his name and fiercely interrogating the traveling adventurers, asking them why they were trespassing and what they were doing carrying dragonling eggs. He collected the four eggs that the group was carrying, and then led them to Amandrill, where he took them before the Council of Elders and demanded an audience. The Council of Elders sighed with exasperation.

Leeroy cowered when attacked by Seth. He can’t step to a transplanar werewolf warlock.

Leeroy heard a sound in the night while the rest of the group was out adventuring in the goblin caves, and ran off by himself to pursue whatever his prey was. The group later found his body, which was wrapped in a thick canvas and was being disposed of by a group of goblins and possessed evil lemurs. His body appeared to have been pickled in dragonling venom.

He will be remembered for what he was: an initially amusing bit character who was ultimately a useless pussy.


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