High Wizard Ith

An aged sorcerer with a sobering presence, Ith is a High Wizard of the wider province of Vagina, which is pronounced “Vah-kee-nay”, and sits on the Council of Elders in the villages of Amandrill and Ereczion as per the duties of a High Wizard. It is customary for High Wizards to serve as members of the guiding authoritative councils of one or two villages; one is usually the town in which they were born, and exceptionally experienced High Wizards serve in another, typically selected at random from the villages that have not yet produced a High Wizard.

Ith was born in Ereczion many, many years ago. It is said that all of those who knew him in his childhood are long dead. His precise age is unknown.

As a High Wizard, Ith has been known for constantly seeking to expand the power and authorities of the High Wizards Council, always using his power judiciously yet never codifying procedure. He can be counted on to be fair and to provide an empathetic ear to all those who must come before the Council, and has never turned away a needy soul, often inviting travelers who arrive in Qlidourriz without lodgings to stay in his expansive mansion.

Ith has studied every magical tome he has been able to lay his wrinkled nasty hands on, and is well versed in every language spoken by man, beast, man-beast, beast-man, or man-beast/beast-man hybrid. As a result, his capabilities are far beyond those of any mortal being, and he is nearly invincible in combat. However, due to his extreme age, he is gradually going blind. An out of place coffee table poses a greater threat to him than a full set of chromatic dragons.

It is not known how Ith has managed to stay relatively healthy and live to the overripe old age that he has achieved. Much speculation abounds; but overall, however he manages to stay around, it is clear that Vagina, Amandrill, and Ereczion are all extremely grateful for his continued involvement and guidance.

High Wizard Ith

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