dragonling venom

Purple dragonlings are venomous, and that venom is injected into attackers through their tail stingers. The venom is delivered through multiple layers of sharp barbs, and usually causes victims to fall asleep at unpredictable intervals, sometimes sleeping for extended lengths of time. Exposure to dragonling venom in large doses can induce a deep coma.

Dragonling venom, in its purest form, is black and viscous, and very sticky. Dragonling venom can be harvested from slain dragonlings who have reached maturity; anywhere from .15 to .30 L can be siphoned out of their venom sacs, depending on the age of the slaughtered dragonling.

According to High Wizard Ith’s testimony, dragonling venom is a crucial component for brewing ritual potions used by Tiefling followers of the elder black dragon god Tiamat. These potions are imbibed during sacrificial rites, and cause the drinkers to fall into a deep trance-like sleep. This effect has been compared to the soporific effect that low doses of pure dragonling venom would produce. Scholars also speculate that all of those who trance together are thereafter linked on a very visceral level, enduring a sort of collective consciousness on an immaterial plane during the ritual. Typically, one of the affected Tiefling followers will be ceremoniously slain by a High Priest at the conclusion of the proscribed trance length, which awakens the others suddenly and provokes an insatiable bloodlust. These Tiefling bands are then set loose upon the surrounding countryside, and have been known to wreak havoc, raze villages to the ground, and fight with unholy strength. Their subconscious bonds make them difficult to fight, as they are exceptionally skilled at executing complex tactical maneuvers without thought, and can always locate one another with little effort.

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dragonling venom

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