The small village of Amandrill is deep in the north-western quadrant of the forest that lies on the Northern frontier of the province of Vagina, pronounced “Vah-kee-nay”.

Amandrill is a traveler’s oasis in a hostile and often unpredictable forest. The villagers are almost universally friendly towards outsiders, knowing that once Amandrill makes an impression, people remember how it felt forever. The inns are well-kept and the range of available equipment, considering the location of the town, is top-notch.

Amandrill is supervised by a Council of Elders with five members. Other townships in the outlying areas of Vagina are governed by Councils of Elders of varying size. Each Council is primarily staffed by wiser elders from the constituent community, with the notable exception that one High Wizard sits on each Council of Elders throughout Vagina to maintain a tight grip on local political developments and to facilitate communication and openness with the supreme provincial government. Amandrill’s Council of Elders traditionally has five members, one of whom is the High Wizard Ith, whose prestigious presence creates a certain amount of respectful awe within Amandrill’s wider population.

Amandrill survives on agriculture and on hunting weaker monsters and animals from the fringe areas of the nearby forests. Broken and poorly-kept roads connect Amandrill to the more urban reigions of the province; traveling to Qlidourriz is often quite dangerous due to the presence of highway robbers and marauding monsters along the poorly-lit paths. Still, caravans of farmers make the journey every harvest season to bring their excess crops to market; as Amandrill is an farming community, their agricultural market becomes extremely saturated during harvest time. However, urban buyers have been known to pay top dollar for fresh sugar from Amandrill.

Children in Amandrill enjoy playing “Hide the Sausage”.


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