Dragonal Farm

The Day After

Reflecting on the past few days completely blows my usually rigid and unflexible paladin mind. We went from naive adventurers looking for nothing more than a chance for glory and now we’ve battled otherworldy planer cocentric circle constructs, assassin trees, half-dragon sorcerer scribes, and even some crazy ass shit that came through a portal from the elemental plane of shadow. All this has kinda put me on edge, made me feel like maybe things aren’t as black and white as they once seemed to me. I still believe in good and evil. I still feel an almost oppressive need to hunt evil down. But I’m no longer convinced that any set of laws could really contain all the craziness of this universe. I’m unconvinced that even the gods could see all ends to create a perfect set of laws. There’s always going to be a situation that requires extreme action, that means going above beyond or even through the law. What am I saying? I’m a paladin I uphold the law in the face of any opposition. But lately I feel something welling up inside of me. Something that feels strangely like.. music.




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