A group of low-level adventurers, on a typical trip through a forest, encountered a population of dragonlings acting abnormally, being pursued by goblins and tieflings. Small vials of black dragonling venom and iron-wraught cages convinced these explorers that something was amiss.

They were met by a ranger named Leeroy, who briefed them on typical dragonling behavior and led them to a nearby village called Amandrill, where they told the town’s Council of Elders of what they had observed. On the basis of the presence of tieflings, who are Outsiders, the High Wizard Ith asserted the involvement of one or more open Portals that threatened planar stability, and also evaluated the dragon venom to be a crucial component of a ritual potion used by Tiefling worshippers of the Elder Black Dragon god Tiamat which induces deep trance-like meditation for a period of twelve hours which then fades into insatiable bloodlust. Tiefling bands had been known to roam the nearby lands, razing villages to the ground for weeks to come after one venom-fueled ritual gathering. Ith deputized the adventurers quickly for a twofold mission: first, they were to put an end to any operations in the nearby forest related to dragonling venom collection; second, they were to close the portal and prevent malevolent Outsiders from wreaking transplanar havoc. Ith presented them with an Amulet of High Calling, which they were to use upon finding the portal to summon a High Wizard whose arcane talents would be necessary to truly seal it.

Another councilmember, Seth, summoned the adventurers to his chambers, whereupon they were set upon by guards and later by Seth himself, who shifted shape to reveal an unidentified strain of lycanthropy. The group asserted that he was a transplanar werewolf warlock. Seth was expertly skilled in the black magics, and proved a tough fighter. In the end, the adventurers were victorious and killed Seth. Before leaving, they claimed a number of incriminating items from Seth’s possession pointing to involvement in strategic movements of Goblin troops.

After resting at the hotel, the adventurers were awakened in the night by a mob wielding torches and pitchforks. Seth’s body, and the bodies of his guards, had been found; all evidence pointed to the suspicious visitors. The adventurers narrowly escaped the hotel, and while fleeing the ravenous mob they were telepathically contacted by Ith, who informed them that he had framed them for a perfectly ordinary looking murder in order to prevent the townspeople from fully panicking. He reported that he was in the process of investigating Seth’s true background and intentions, and that in the meantime, it was now more crucial than ever that the shadowy forces at work be fought.

The adventurers fled Amandrill, and proceeded into the forest.

On their way, they came across a semi-mobilized Goblin army, and pursued them deep into some nearby sandstone caverns. They exterminated almost all of the Goblins found there, figuring that their red tabards were a sign that they were in the service of whoever was coordinating the dragonling farming operations. One Goblin, who cowered before them quite pathetically, had previously served as an indentured servant to Seth, and had fled to find refuge in these caves after bearing witness to a savage ritualistic sacrifice in Seth’s chambers. This frightened goblin was eager to pledge fealty to the marauding adventurers, lending his skills as an alert lookout and a passable camp cook. The adventurers named him Zeke.

The adventurers, who were determined to put a stop to the dragonling farming operation and close the portal, came upon a stone temple in the woods, guarded by Goblins and possessed evil lemurs. The adventurers slaughtered them, and found Leeroy’s body wrapped in a thick canvas, bloated with an absurd amount of dragonling venom. The adventurers opted not to stop to bury Leeroy’s body, choosing instead to allow nature to take its course. As they were proceeding into the dungeon, a small purple dragonling that had been following the party as they progressed through the forest emerged and approached Leeroy’s body mournfully. Gabe cautiously extended his arm to the dragonling, and it hopped up on his arm and curled up on his shoulder affectionately. Gabe named the dragonling Niv Midget, and it would become his faithful companion.

The adventurers proceeded into the dungeon, and fought two rather fat goblin chefs, who were seasoning a hog. As they fought, a tiefling forcemage strode imperiously into the room, no doubt ready to inquire as to the status of his hog. He proved a ferocious foe, able to use levitation to throw the hog at the adventurers.

Dragonal Farm

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